For a Ghost-Free Time, Call - Sean Kelly

For a Ghost-Free Time, Call

By Sean Kelly

  • Release Date - Published: 2016-07-31
  • Book Genre: Paranormal
  • Author: Sean Kelly
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4 Score: 4 (From 187 Ratings)

For a Ghost-Free Time, Call Sean Kelly read online review & book description:

For a Ghost-Free Time, Call is an episodic supernatural adventure set in the emerald city of Eugene, Oregon which follows a young man, who–since he was a boy–has had the irritating ability to see ghosts all around him. In spite of this so-called “gift,” he found a way to cope and a few less than legitimate ways to make a little money on the side. But a con that started out as a way to make a quick buck will soon become a terrifying reality check about the world he thought he understood…

“Eugene is teeming with ghosts and for some stupid, God damn reason, I’m the only one who can see them.”

At the young age of nine, Jared developed the unnatural ability to see the lingering spirits of the dead, and beyond its initial novelty, all it’s ever done is piss him off. After having to grow up rather quickly on his own, Jared took something that would have easily driven most people insane and found a way to use his unwelcomed gift to his advantage. He studied and took notes from the most prevalent movies and television shows, and armed with every mainstream supernatural trope and cliché he could find, started his very own—more or less legitimate—ghost removal service. With years of hit-or-miss cons and a number of temporary solutions to combat the most crippling aspects of his “gift,” Jared finally found a way to live a “normal” life and a way to fit in with society. However, one day, while working a routine job for a rich mark, Jared will be confronted with his own lies and a glimpse of the truth behind the world around him and his abilities.

For a Ghost-Free Time, Call is a supernatural thriller written by up and coming Pacific Northwest author Sean Kelly (author of "The Drive Home: A Tale of Bromance and Horror" and co-founder of Emerald Inkwell, A Pacific Northwest Publishing Community) and is the first story in an episodic series brought to you by Emerald Inkwell. Episode one is a FREE and complete short story setting the stage for an otherworldly series taking place all across Eugene, Oregon. Every city has their supernatural annoyances, but that doesn't mean you have to put up with them. Instead, for a ghost free time, just call.

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Posted Reviews

  • Good but short...

    By Beckalena
    I really liked the book. I just wish that it was longer. It left you wanting more.
  • Must read

    By nannaof2007
    Awesome book could not put it down. Love the writing so down to earth. Keep the good work up. I have already got the second book everyone have a bless day going to start my second book
  • Fun

    By Bambi667
    An easy read,I enjoyed it very much. Has a nice humor to it. Will continue the series, I recommend it if your trying to kill some time :)
  • New Take on “I See Ghosts”

    By 0mnicrex
    It’s a fresh look at a modren day Medium. Jaded and just trying to live his life Our Main character Jared is rather easy to identify with. It seems like things are placid for the most part but things get real as soon as Jared meets someone more experienced with the Paranormal. Wish it was longer, however I’m looking forward to reading the second book as the neat ending leaves you wanting a bit more if you’re into Paranormal first person narative. First person is a fine line between good and tacky for me but For a Ghost-Free Time, Call, the First person Narative really works. Really want more of Toby though, I like that guy.
  • For A Ghost-Free Time, Call

    By Mixed ethnic
    You know a book is going to be good when the ghost is funny without a ghostly word.
  • Film Noir Paranormal

    By gnarlyis3
    This book reads like an old-style PI novel. It's on the gritty side with lots of monologue, often directed at an unresponsive ghost, but still... The main character is down to his last 2 bucks when in walks a classy dame who wants to hire him without her husband finding out. After that the action doesn't stop. What makes it 4 stars is that the characters don't really feel 3D. Maybe the action is too fast and the characters can't develop fast enough under those circumstances . The end of the book comes very abruptly even though the story is complete and I had to think about it to realize that there didn't need to be more but I still wanted a longer wrap-up. I'd still say it's worth the read if you enjoy your books with a little grit and lots of action.

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