The Ruins of Gorlan - John Flanagan

The Ruins of Gorlan

By John Flanagan

  • Release Date - Published: 2005-06-16
  • Book Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: John Flanagan
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 1,400 Ratings)

The Ruins of Gorlan John Flanagan read online review & book description:

The international bestselling series with over 5 million copies sold in the U.S. alone!

They have always scared him in the past—the Rangers, with their dark cloaksand shadowy ways. The villagers believe the Rangers practice magic that makes them invisible to ordinary people. And now 15-year-old Will, always small for his age, has been chosen as a Ranger's apprentice. What he doesn't yet realize is that the Rangers are the protectors of the kingdom. Highly trained in the skills of battle and surveillance, they fight the battles before the battles reach the people. And as Will is about to learn, there is a large battle brewing. The exiled Morgarath, Lord of the Mountains of Rain and Night, is gathering his forces for an attack on the kingdom. This time, he will not be denied. . . .

Here is the fantasy adventure that launched the Ranger's Apprentice series, an epic story of heroes and villains that has become an international phenomenon. Perfect for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, T.H. White’s The Sword in the Stone, Christopher Paolini’s Eragon series, and George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire series.

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Posted Reviews

  • If you are thinking about getting this book, read this review

    By Doubletap2008
    Overall, I would say without doubt that this book should get 5 stars, or maybe even 6. I don't want to exaggerate, but it really is a good book. I read the book, NOT just the SAMPLE, by the way. Here are my thoughts on it: I had accidentally read The Royal Ranger book, which comes after about 11 books in this series, so naturally I was totally lost in THAT book. When I got this book, I was excited because, despite me not understanding the characters, I did enjoy the Royal Ranger book. I think it was a little slow in the beginning, BUUUUTTT I did NOT have a problem with that. I really enjoyed seeing some of the character growth and developing skills, and new allies and enemies. It doesn't have as much humor as in Percy Jackson, if you've read it, but it wasn't completely dark. In my opinion, there were a couple amusing parts. I felt like the battles were written well and the book was pretty original. The only thing that disappointed me was that they didn't discover much in this book; I know it was only the beginning of Morgarath's battle, but I wish the book had been a little longer. Still, GOOD BOOK. I have read Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, all of those, and I feel like this book was a good follow up. Whenever I finish a book series as good as J.K. Rowling's, I feel sad that it’s over. So I enjoyed this book. 👍

    By Trent rocker
    I agree with most of the other reviews. I love this series and I have read it 2 times in the past 2 years. This series has changed my life. Some of the people leaving reviews say it is a bit slow at the beginning but i disagree with that. I think that is is pretty entertaining throughout the entire book and the slower beginning helps with the character development. Also, to the person who wrote a review over the SAMPLE, if you haven’t read the entire book, then DONT LEAVE A REVIEW. You don’t know the story! Just leave it alone. Anyways. The entire series is amazing and I would definitely recommend.
  • Simply Amazing

    By GTCall
    I loved this book. I have been looking for a good book to read for some time now and thankfully I found this one. I never leave reviews but I felt I just had to with this book as I hope others may enjoy it as well. I’m truly looking forward to continuing the adventure in the next book.
  • I love it

    By Your mom2043556
    I love it
  • Classic

    By Randall DB
    Very nice read
  • Great Book!!

    By turdRed
    Great book! Really loved characters and story. Most definitely recommend the book
  • A masterpiece

    By KingCouch78
    I’ve read this series three times in the past 6 years. Every book three times. Once on kindle and twice in paperback. Now that I’ve found it on here, I’ll always have my favorite series of books.
  • Amazing!

    By CheezWiz3000
    I read this book back in middle school and I loved the world this book took me to. Now I just finished reading this book again 8 years later, and it still draws me in and I still love the characters and the plot. Definitely a must read for anyone who loves fantasy and adventure! 😍
  • Amazing to read on your own even better with a young reader.

    By Robertdale
    I started this series in high school and came back 7 years later and finished the series. I loved it just as much as I remembered. You connect with the characters and grow with Will does from each novel. Fantasy and adventure with great character develop.
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    By Foley7881
    Loved it so much can’t wait to read the second book! The father, son like relationship between Halt and Will is definitely growing can’t wait to see what happens next!

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