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By Slash & Anthony Bozza

  • Release Date - Published: 2009-10-13
  • Book Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
  • Author: Slash & Anthony Bozza
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Slash Slash & Anthony Bozza read online review & book description:

From one of the greatest rock guitarists of our era comes a memoir that redefines sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll

He was born in England but reared in L.A., surrounded by the leading artists of the day amidst the vibrant hotbed of music and culture that was the early seventies. Slash spent his adolescence on the streets of Hollywood, discovering drugs, drinking, rock music, and girls, all while achieving notable status as a BMX rider. But everything changed in his world the day he first held the beat-up one-string guitar his grandmother had discarded in a closet.

The instrument became his voice and it triggered a lifelong passion that made everything else irrelevant. As soon as he could string chords and a solo together, Slash wanted to be in a band and sought out friends with similar interests. His closest friend, Steven Adler, proved to be a conspirator for the long haul. As hairmetal bands exploded onto the L.A. scene and topped the charts, Slash sought his niche and a band that suited his raw and gritty sensibility.

He found salvation in the form of four young men of equal mind: Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler, and Duff McKagan. Together they became Guns N' Roses, one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands of all time. Dirty, volatile, and as authentic as the streets that weaned them, they fought their way to the top with groundbreaking albums such as the iconic Appetite for Destruction and Use Your Illusion I and II.

Here, for the first time ever, Slash tells the tale that has yet to be told from the inside: how the band came together, how they wrote the music that defined an era, how they survived insane, never-ending tours, how they survived themselves, and, ultimately, how it all fell apart. This is a window onto the world of the notoriously private guitarist and a seat on the roller-coaster ride that was one of history's greatest rock 'n' roll machines, always on the edge of self-destruction, even at the pinnacle of its success. This is a candid recollection and reflection of Slash's friendships past and present, from easygoing Izzy to ever-steady Duff to wild-child Steven and complicated Axl.

It is also an intensely personal account of struggle and triumph: as Guns N' Roses journeyed to the top, Slash battled his demons, escaping the overwhelming reality with women, heroin, coke, crack, vodka, and whatever else came along.

He survived it all: lawsuits, rehab, riots, notoriety, debauchery, and destruction, and ultimately found his creative evolution. From Slash's Snakepit to his current band, the massively successful Velvet Revolver,Slash found an even keel by sticking to his guns.

Slash is everything the man, the myth, the legend, inspires: it's funny, honest, inspiring, jaw-dropping . . . and, in a word, excessive.

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Posted Reviews

  • So so

    By Pengwinguy
    Sex, lots of drugs, alcoholism and music. Typical rocker autobiography. But he was so unhappy all the time, so messed up, so abusive to his body it just became a very depressing read after awhile.
  • LKris

    By High fitting
    great book
  • Well Done!

    By Dboth9812
    Done in good taste and with class! Thanks for sharing with us Slash!
  • Good

    By MattHilary
    I just finished Steven's book and I really liked it. He is such a big kid with a big heart! I really wanted to read Slash's side, so I purchased his book and I liked it ok. I feel Slash and the others in GnR could have handled the situation with Steven better but that's just my opinion. Slash is human just like the rest of us except he is in the public eye and that creates its own set of issues! I know I would never want cameras following me around during my years of hanging out in Hollywood in the '80's!!!
  • Slash

    By ttm96_
    Raw but inspiring, thank you for shearing!
  • A eye opener! SallyA

    By gucci nut
    I love Slash, I also love the other guy's too!! I thought this was raw, real & at time's sad... There's a lot of detail's in this book, I'm a Gunner fan from day one, this book is give's you a inside view of one crazy ride, I read it in two day's, I'd recommend this book who has followed these unique men!
  • Thank you !

    By craig mcgrath
    Thank you for the honesty and the rawness , such an entertaining, live for the moment lifestyle that most people so carelessly dream of ! Thank you for sobering up and continuing to make great riffs !!
  • Find your answers

    By Balu0101
    I always wanted to know how is the life of a rockstar, in an all honest no BS way Slash leads you through all the questions you might have in your mind about the life of living rock and roll. Being a GNR fan pre "Spaghetti", as probably many people that buys this book , - I wanted to know, see, if there are answers in this book to what we always wanted to know, they are in there. Once you done with this book make sure to check out Duff's book as well, as it is brilliant.
  • Amazing

    By Splinterhead
    I've read a lot of the books that musicians have put out over the last decade or so from several 80's and 90's era band members, and I have to say this is by far the best I have ever read, I could not put this book down, it's captivating and very raw. I like how real Slash is in this book and doesn't hide a thing. If you are a musician, Slash fan, or just a straight up Guns n Roses fan then this book is definitely worth reading, I have the utmost respect for Slash after reading this book and I was amazingly surprised and what his childhood was like as well as the GnR era of his life, definitely 5 stars. Musicians will be able to relate to the problems that lead to the breakup of Guns n Roses, anyone who has ever been in a band for that matter.
  • Awesome

    By Antpal123
    Slash has told his life story in this book, he has told the good, the bad, and the ugly of his past. Battling drug habits to having children, I would recommend this book to any slash fan or any book reader in general.

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