My Booky Wook - Russell Brand

My Booky Wook

By Russell Brand

  • Release Date - Published: 2009-10-06
  • Book Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
  • Author: Russell Brand
Our rating: 5/5 stars

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My Booky Wook Russell Brand read online review & book description:

“A child’s garden of vices, My Booky Wook is also a relentless ride with a comic mind clearly at the wheel.... The bloke can write. He rhapsodizes about heroin better than anyone since Jim Carroll. With the flick of his enviable pen, he can summarize childhood thus: ‘My very first utterance in life was not a single word, but a sentence. It was, ‘Don’t do that.’... Russell Brand has a compelling story." — New York Times Book Review The gleeful and candid New York Times bestselling autobiography of addiction, recovery, and rise to fame from Russell Brand, star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall and one of the biggest personalities in comedy today.

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Posted Reviews

  • You will not be disappointed.

    By Fritzny
    Mr. Brand. Thank you for sharing your insights with us, please don't ever change. Can't wait to download; my booky wook 2.
  • A Cautionary Tale

    By lmashell
    While self-indulgent and selfish in many of his choices Russell is unflinching in presenting his past, even though the person revealed can be very unflattering. It is truly amazing he managed to survive the life he relates here, and it seems to have been from sheer luck more than anything else. I found it a great read, and am already starting the second volume.

    By diamondjackie
    I just purchased Russell's book and have only read 50 pages but I feel compelled to tell SOMEONE how brilliantly hysterical it is! LOL funny. I'd buy it twice if that made any sense. The fact that he explains he's from esSEX in London gives you an idea of where this madman's head is at. BUY IT AND LAUGH YOUR ARSES OFF!
  • Great

    By Amanda Actually
    Not only funny but refreshingly honest
  • Great book

    By ReadSpeed
    Russell is just simply hilarious!
  • Whimsically Brilliant

    By Karlociraptor
    Amazing book. It was insightful, heartbreaking, nauseating, and wonderful without missing a beat. Glad you're sober now Mr Brand.
  • The Textual Manifestation of a Brilliant Lunatic

    By snoopymacgyver
    If you can get past the Britishisms (and I know I'm speaking to a primarily American audience here, or Russell wouldn't have included a disclaimer in the front of the book targeting Americans), then this book has some serious potential to entertain. It's written in that simultaneously flippant/grandiloquent style which characterizes Russell's on-stage persona, a jarring mixture of childishness and studied arrogance that seldom lacks in the comedy department. That said, not only does Brand's Booky Wook guarantee a good laugh, but you might even pick up the odd vocabulary word or two (especially if you're an American and, like me, have no idea what a "waltzer" is), since, besides being British, Russell is a genuinely intelligent guy. Moreover, the book promises tons of inspiration for the aspiring comedian/drug addict/sex-crazed lunatic, which is always nice. Not enough books do that nowadays. My only critique is that it felt a little fluffy, like bits had been intentionally left out, and not only to save space; and like other bits had been innovated for no other reason than to furnish material for an autobiography. (I'm aware that Russell lives his life in precisely that fluffy, feigning-for-later kind of way, which makes this criticism less literary and more like a character judgment, but he can sort that out himself). Anyway, awesome book(y wook). Now, let's hear about Katy Perry.
  • Very Enjoyable

    By RambleOn1972
    Just finished reading it. It was pretty amazing! It was a very funny book but had its serious moments. Overall Russell Brand is amazing!

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