Hybrids (Revised) - Matthew Holley

Hybrids (Revised)

By Matthew Holley

  • Release Date - Published: 2011-05-17
  • Book Genre: Sci-Fi
  • Author: Matthew Holley
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Hybrids (Revised) Matthew Holley read online review & book description:

Kyle Summerland always thought he was a normal teenage boy until the night a stranger breaks into his parent's house and Kyle discovered he is far from normal...he carries alien DNA in his veins...he's a Hybrid. This new discovery will only be the beginning as his life is forever changed by extraordinary events which will change the world as he knows it and he will find a hero lies within him.

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  • Simplistic but a fun read

    By Jaixin
    I had fun reading this book although I found the writing very average and overly simplistic, even for a YA novel. There were dozens of typos and plain incorrect word usage. It's not a "leer jet", it's a "Learjet" for just one example. I also found the plug for communism off-putting considering that ideology's utter failure. It's definitely NOT the solution to the problems of our society because making everyone socially equal means no one is rewarded for excellence. Why would a brilliant mind create a wondrous invention if all he/she got was a pat on the back? Why not let somebody else do all that hard work since we all get the same rewards anyways? Read Ayn Rand for further explanations. Another unlikely plot point was that the world would "get tired of the mayhem after the EMP" and suddenly come together in unity. Human nature is base and the lowest instincts are going to predominate in an end of the world scenario. This is because destructive and evil tendencies are easier than maintaining lofty ideals in a world of survival of the fittest. Although I enjoyed the SF world created here, in the end it is easily forgotten.

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