My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition) (Enhanced Edition) - Gregg Allman

My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition) (Enhanced Edition)

By Gregg Allman

  • Release Date - Published: 2012-05-01
  • Book Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
  • Author: Gregg Allman
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My Cross to Bear (Enhanced Edition) (Enhanced Edition) Gregg Allman read online review & book description:

A must-have for every Gregg Allman fan, My Cross to Bear, the enhanced e-book, contains a treasure trove of exclusive material. Featuring 11 never-before-seen video interviews with Gregg, the enhanced e-book offers a candid conversation with him, as he talks about his early days playing music, discusses his struggles with drug addiction, reflects on memories of his beloved brother Duane, opens up about his brother's early death, and shares how playing music has shaped his life. This enhanced e-book also features an interactive blueprint of The Big House Museum, in Macon, Georgia, a museum entirely devoted to the Allman Brothers Band. Once home base for the band and the scene for some of their most legendary jam sessions, The Big House is now a year-round museum dedicated to all things Allman Brothers and an indispensable destination for fans the world over. This dynamic, interactive feature allows you to explore the Big House's extensive collection of Allman Brothers memorabilia on your device through memorabilia pop-ups and a video tour with the museum's curator.

Also included here are three classic Allman Brothers songs It's Not My Cross to Bear, Statesboro Blues, and Whipping Post, for all who want to listen while they enjoy this amazing book. Moving, fun, and intimate, My Cross to Bear, the enhanced e-book, is essential for everyone who loves the Allman Brothers.

The story begins simply: with Gregg and his older brother, Duane, growing up in the South, raising hell with their guitars, fueling each other's passion for music, and drifting from one band to another in search of a musical future that always seemed just out of reach. But all that changed one historic day when Duane and Gregg came together with four other men to forge something new—a unique sound shaped by soul, rock, and blues and brimming with experimentation; a sound not just of a band, but of a family.

Bringing to life the carefree early days of the Allman Brothers Band, Gregg holds nothing back—from run-ins with the law to laid-back parties, from meeting girls on the road to jamming at the Fillmore East, from experimenting with drugs to forming a brotherhood. Along the way, he goes behind the scenes of some of the greatest rock music of all time, without shying from the infamous and painful deaths of both his brother, Duane, and Allman Brothers bassist Berry Oakley. Speaking candidly and for the first time about the profound impact that his brother's death had on him, Gregg offers a tribute to Duane that only a younger brother could write, showing how, to this day, he still confronts the grief of losing his big brother, even as Duane continues to guide and inspire him.

Setting the record straight about the band's struggles in the face of death as well as his own personal demons, Gregg shows how the decision to persevere came with a heavy price, one that would haunt the Brothers for decades. While the rock and roll excesses of drugs, alcohol, personality clashes, and money squandering led to a series of breakups and reunions that culminated with the band's permanent reunion in 1989, Gregg fought his own battle with substance abuse, going to rehab no less than twelve times and floating through a string of failed marriages, including his tabloid-frenzied relationship with Cher, before finally cleaning up once and for all.

Capturing the Allman Brothers' ongoing, triumphant resurgence as well as his own recent fight against hepatitis C and the liver transplant that saved his life, Gregg presents a story as honest as it is fascinating, providing a glimpse inside one of the most beloved and notorious bands in the history of rock music and demonstrating how, through it all, the road goes on . . . forever.

Please note that due to the large file size of these special features this enhanced e-book may take longer to download then a standard e-book.

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Posted Reviews

  • This is a great book regardless if you are a fan

    By Ava'sDaddy
    I have never bought a Allman Brothers lp and read this on a recommendation from my sister. Man, its amazing. The narration is amazing. Its great from the first moment you hear it. I loved it. You will not be disappointed.
  • My Cross to Bear

    By tobiashrng
    Wow, couldn't stop reading it. I've been a passionate fan since my first exposure to The Fillmore East album. I couldn't figure out the slide guitar or the jazz/blues mixture. What is that? How do they do that? I was playing Neil Young on the acoustic guitar and was blown away but the Fillmore album. I never got to see the Brothers while Duane was alive and I had an opportunity, which kills me. But this book makes you feel like you are there and I've always had a thirst for more information. Your music helped me through difficult times and inspires me to play to this day over 40 years later. The music will live forever! I'm so sorry Duane wasn't here longer, I still cry when ever I read about his accident. Thanks Greg for sharing this great story! I'm happy that you're healthier.
  • Gregory Allman is a living musical legend.

    By JMarquisWatkins
    A true account of a band life and times from a musical legend himself. A firsthand insight to the music business from someone who true live the best and worst of it.
  • My Cross to Bear

    By Donna Lyn
    When I started to read this book, I was unable to put it down. Not only I'd Gregory Allman a gifted writer but even with all the problems and crap in life he's dealt with, is a humbled, big hearted human being. Loved him before, & now even more. Big bray would be very very proud <3
  • Gregg Allman

    By matterhorn1
    Simply awesome
  • Great read

    By Rizman10
    Really enjoyed reading this book, any fan of the Brothers should check it out. Really any fan of music in general should read a copy. You get to hear all the party stories of a traveling the and, but more time is devoted to discussing the music and relationships made along the way amongst band members, crew, record execs, friends and of course family. Now that I am done I am hitting my iPod and listening to some Allman Brothers gems from the past.
  • My Cross to Bear

    By RMD8261
    Life can be just life in black and white. The Allman Brothers not only broke the color barrier but they added color to life. Greg is honest, sometimes denying that he may have been the problem at times. However, I have lived with the same plausible deniability. Great book not only for a Brothers fan but also for anyone who has battled the "demons". Thanks Gregory!
  • Great read!

    By Zombo23:
    Great job Gregory! I found the book to be incredibly honest and candid. I consider this a must read for anyone that is a fan of the Allman Brothers Band.
  • Very enjoyable read

    By Cplove
    Opened my eyes to the wild ride that Gregory and the whole band were on for the last 40 years. Amazing story of survival and overcoming addiction. Fascinating.
  • Awesome!

    By the wolf in qatar
    I grew up with ABB as a kid in Georgia. This is a great read that covers the human condition like no other book in a long time. There is joy, pain, success, failure, and ultimately, redemption. I too, have wrestled with the demons that Mr. Allman has. We are both still kicking. ABB forever!!!

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