Grain Brain - David Perlmutter & Kristin Loberg

Grain Brain

By David Perlmutter & Kristin Loberg

  • Release Date - Published: 2013-09-17
  • Book Genre: Health & Fitness
  • Author: David Perlmutter & Kristin Loberg
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The devastating truth about the effects of wheat, sugar, and carbs on the brain, with a 4-week plan to achieve optimum health.

In Grain Brain, renowned neurologist David Perlmutter, MD, exposes a finding that's been buried in the medical literature for far too long: carbs are destroying your brain. Even so-called healthy carbs like whole grains can cause dementia, ADHD, epilepsy, anxiety, chronic headaches, depression, decreased libido, and much more.

Groundbreaking and timely, Grain Brain shows that the fate of your brain is not in your genes. It's in the food you eat. The cornerstone of all degenerative conditions, including brain disorders, is inflammation, which can be triggered by carbs, especially containing gluten or high in sugar. Dr. Perlmutter explains what happens when the brain encounters common ingredients in your daily bread and fruit bowls, how statin drugs may be erasing your memory, why a diet high in "good fats" is ideal, and how to spur the growth of new brain cells at any age.

Dr. Perlmutter's revolutionary 4-week plan shows you how to keep your brain healthy, vibrant, and sharp while dramatically reducing your risk for debilitating neurological diseases as well as relieving more common, everyday conditions -- without drugs. Easy-to-follow strategies, delicious recipes, and weekly goals help you to put the plan into action. With a blend of anecdotes, cutting-edge research, and accessible, practical advice, Grain Brain teaches you how to take control of your "smart genes," regain wellness, and enjoy lifelong health and vitality.

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Posted Reviews

  • Compelling

    By Buck2323
    Nutrition and health - Many of us get that they are connected. At least we get it intellectually. But how many of us put the knowledge into practice. Dr. P presents a compelling case for debunking accepted nutritional practice -- Eggs & Cholesterol good, not bad! Carbs bad! (And, indeed, carbs are posited as the catalyst that MAKE Cholesterol & fats turn into destructive agents.) For me, the gamble is worth it. (And, let's face it, it's always a gamble -- so one has to look to playing the odds): I'm currently watching my 82 year old mother in her 8th year of Alzheimers. She could easily go another 8 years. It's impossible to NOT be thinking, "and what about me -- will it be my turn next?" If Dr. P is wrong, then I could be shortening my life - which could spare my family the agony of watching me go through what my mom is going through. If Dr. P is right, I could live longer, and minimize the risk of making my family experience this horrible disease. In short -- I believe that following Dr. P's regimen & advice puts the odds in my favor. Will try to remember to report back in one year. But for me, all systems go. Either way -- Thanks, Dr. Perlmutter, for a compelling, well-written book that even this slow reader was able to zip through. -- David B, Commack, NY
  • Informative

    By Taken12467890558458
    Will show truth on food to eat.
  • Mind blowing

    By jcesarp
    This book is well written and easy to understand . A must read if you like the truth
  • Grain Brains Maybe

    By charliec63
    The book is an interesting and well written read. I don't doubt the nutritional advice and admonishments will help most people. But the conclusiveness of the theory and the overriding view that gluten is the root of all evil is portrayed too solidly. Yes, it's becoming broadly accepted that fat isn't evil, and that consuming cholesterol has little to do with cholesterol blood levels, and that sugar of all sorts in currently consumed quantities is really, really bad. Gluten is a significant allergen for some small fraction of the population, but it's just one of many potential allergens. In this area the authors claims aren't so well supported as in others.
  • i'll read it again

    By tree1957
    a homeopathic doctor friend referred me to this book. i read it and liked it. having the bigger picture now in my mind, i will probably go back and reread the book to reinforce details missed on the first read.
  • Extremely Informative

    By atd616
    This book highlighted the need to stay away from carbs and gluten by shifting our mental paradigm away from the low-fat, whole grain, carbohydrate-rich society to what our bodies were originally meant to consume: fats (the right ones at least), proteins, and fiber. Highly recommended book.
  • Very good

    By TWJane
    I have an extensive medical background so I was easily able to follow the scientific paths outlined in this book; but I think the average person would give up on much of the scientific facts given in some chapters. I found myself recalling my courses in biochemistry and physiology at some points to track his reasoning. Also, he was a bit grandiose in describing the effect that his protocols may have on an individual's life, but all in all, his reasoning and the evidence presented results in an undeniable positive benefit that his regimen may have on our bodies.
  • A Go-To

    By Pastor Seymour
    I'd be definitely comfortable recommending this book to almost anybody interested in improving their health. It covers most all areas in sufficient, and sometimes, abundant detail. That said, it left me hungry for more biochemistry. I wanted to see even more science! I guess that's where a college biochem text comes into play. If only it were as easy to read as this book, however. It was excellently written. I took extensive notes and plan on referring to them frequently and studying them.
  • Brilliant!

    By Oeaton
    This book is a MUST read for anyone and everyone!! The food industry is slowly killing us and we need to put a stop to it. Education is key and this book provides it!
  • Grain Brain

    By TriEx
    Great book and a delight to read!

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