A Cowboy Has My Heart - Marlo Peterson

A Cowboy Has My Heart

By Marlo Peterson

  • Release Date - Published: 2014-04-24
  • Book Genre: Erotica
  • Author: Marlo Peterson
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A Cowboy Has My Heart Marlo Peterson read online review & book description:

Every girl likes different kinds of men, but there’s nothing like a rugged, raw, alpha male who doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty.

The ladies in these stories aren’t damsels in distress, but they love a dominant cowboy who knows how to take control. They come across these sexy, manly cowboys at a time where their lives are at crossroads, and through his raw sex and passionately love, they learn a lot about themselves and life itself.

1) Riding My Cowboy
2) Saved By a Western Cowboy
3) Consummating the Marriage: Mail Order Bride Fantasies
4) Field of Lust: Mail Order Bride Fantasies

Riding My Cowboy:

When Martina gets caught in the act of self pleasure by the owner of the bed and breakfast she's staying at, she realized that her horniness has gotten out of control. She had been touching herself day and night, with nothing able to quench her heat.

As she went to breakfast, she noticed a handsome, muscular cowboy getting in a shirtless workout in the barn next door. When she approached him, Martina quickly found herself naked, with her hands tied behind her back, being tasted and sexed from behind over a bale of hay. ... And yes, the cowboy kept his hat on the entire time!

WARNING, this story is hotter than hot. Be ready to enjoy more than 3,000 words of depictions of intense hot, sweaty sex, BDSM, alpha male dominance, oral sex, public sex and more.

Saved By a Western Cowboy:

Sue is a mail order bride that realizes she’s in for a rude awakening instantly.

She meets her husband and he quickly shows that he wanted a mail order servant, not a wife. Like Cinderella, he gave her all of the cleaning and cooking to do, while poor Sue fought back tears and thought about how the other brides she knew must have hit the jackpot with doctors, soldiers and other good, handsome men.

When her new “husband” leaves the house, a gallant superhero interrupts Sue’s pity party and shows her how a real man treats his woman.

Consummating the Marriage:

Rex ordered Sarah to be his new bride, and it’s time for them to make things official.

Sarah doesn’t have much experience with men, so as she looks to him with baby doll eyes, she would soon learn all about being a woman… Rex goes down on her and teaches her how to use her mouth as well, and as they consummate the marriage, Sarah experiences her first orgasm of many, and learns what it means to be loved by a rugged cowboy.

Field of Lust:

Jessica is a mail order bride who is beginning to fall in love with her new husband, Edward. As she runs errands in the fields, she’s approached by the trotting of a horse, and sees her husband riding gallantly toward her to pick her up. Before they head back to the house, however, he has a lot on his mind.

They intertwine in a web of passion and lust, as Edward uses his braided rope to tie Jessica to fences and trees, as they unfurl their erotic energy in a public outdoor love making session that involves passionate whispers, dirty talk, spanking, submissive sucking and licking, painful thrusts and doggystyle rear entry sexy that ends with Edward’s love implanted deep inside of his wife.

Every girl needs a cowboy, and Jessica can’t stop blushing at the way her cowboy handles her.

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