Unbreakable (Forehead Kisses #1) - Abby Reynolds

Unbreakable (Forehead Kisses #1)

By Abby Reynolds

  • Release Date - Published: 2014-09-10
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
  • Author: Abby Reynolds
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 416 Ratings)

Unbreakable (Forehead Kisses #1) Abby Reynolds read online review & book description:

This is a stand alone novel. It is not a cliffhanger. And it is the first novel in the Forehead Kisses Series. 

Can there be too many pieces to piece back together? 

This is a question Keira faces every day. It’s impossible for her to go anywhere unaccompanied by her cousin, the only person who knows what happened on that horrific night a year ago. The guilt and pain weigh her down every day. Unwilling to open up to anyone and give someone a chance, she lives in solitude. 

For her, that’s the only way to live. 

Liam struggles with his own demons. After losing someone who means the world to him, he combats his anger and pain on a daily basis. He dives into violence and sex, losing himself more and more. But as soon as he meets Keira, he recognizes the same pain he suffers every day. And he pursues her, wanting to connect to someone who understands. 

Keira can’t put herself back together, and neither can Liam. But can they do it together?

Unbreakable (Forehead Kisses #1) book review Unbreakable (Forehead Kisses #1) ePUB; Abby Reynolds; Contemporary books.

Posted Reviews

  • Twist in a Good way

    By Laxie4Life
    Not your everyday love story ~ It was nice to read something that has some interesting disappointments and a view that isn’t always written about........
  • Unbreakable

    By Hailstormy93
    Really enjoyed the book, read the first one in a couple of hours. Some minor spelling errors and words missing but overall good book. Would definitely recommend!
  • Love this book!

    By olmonsterlu
    Read it multiple times. A few spelling and grammar mistakes, but I really fell in love with the story and characters.
  • Forehead Kisses

    By Sharonefor1
    I loved the story of this great book. I can't wait to read the rest.
  • Captivating

    By Neonracer1997
    Awesome book! Loved the description and heat in this book. Keeps you captivated and eager to know what happens next. Can't wait to read the next book! Recommended for anyone that wants to read a hot and steamy book, have a go at this one.
  • Misleading

    By Txvianj
    The first line of the description says that this book is a standalone, that it is not a cliffhanger. But that's not really true. The storyline is good and the characters are very sweet and likable (that's the only reason this book is getting 2 stars) but then the book abruptly ends with a question of what's going to happen next. It turns out you have to buy 2 more books if you want to know how the characters end up. Having just finished a couple of long series, I was looking for a standalone HEA. I'm frustrated and no longer interested in continuing with this series or any of this author's other books. She should have more respect for her readers than to mislead them like this. Ms. Reynolds should also invest in an editor because there were spelling and grammatical errors on almost every page.
  • It was sick a good book

    By Alozers
    I loved it I can't wait to read the next one
  • Great read

    By NicNac0
    Great book. Can't wait to read more.
  • The potential is there...

    By escamillalbi
    The writing is stilted, but the story has great potential. I am assumming that the author has an editor, and if not, she should get one to catch the grammatical errors in the writing. Many sentences could have been combined. I felt as if it was written with a fourth grader in mind! Hopefully the series gets better.
  • Unbreakable

    By Nekeysmile
    OMG a page turner!!! Make you cry make you sad make you smile and make you just want to be loved like he loved her...

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