No One but You - Brenda Novak

No One but You

By Brenda Novak

  • Release Date - Published: 2017-05-30
  • Book Genre: Contemporary
  • Author: Brenda Novak
Our rating: 5/5 stars

4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 107 Ratings)

No One but You Brenda Novak read online review & book description:

New York Times bestselling author Brenda Novak welcomes you to Silver Springs, a picturesque small town in Southern California where even the hardest hearts can learn to love again… 

Struggling to make ends meet after a messy divorce, Sadie Harris is at the end of her tether. Her waitressing gig isn't enough to pay the bills let alone secure primary custody of her son, Jayden, a battle she refuses to lose. Desperate, she accepts a position assisting Dawson Reed—the same Dawson Reed who recently stood trial for the murder of his adoptive parents. Joining him at his isolated farm seems risky, but Sadie is out of options. 

Dawson has given small town Silver Springs plenty of reasons to be wary, but he's innocent of the charges against him. He wants to leave his painful past behind and fix up the family farm so he can finally bring his dependent sister home where she belongs. 

As Sadie and Dawson's professional relationship grows into something undeniably personal, Sadie realizes there's more to Dawson than the bad boy everyone else sees—he has a good heart, one that might even be worth fighting for.

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Posted Reviews

  • Brenda Novak's No One but You

    By Carol M Smith
    Amazing story. Brenda Novak mixes suspense, mystery, arson, attempted murder, abuse of power, psychological abuse, a child like adult along with everyday happenings. There is also faith, friendship, reliability with a touch of romance. The two main characters are strong with flaws but working to make make life better. This story takes us back to Silver Springs, California. The main character, Dawson Reed was one of Aiyana Turner's boys who lived at the New Horizons Boys Ranch in his younger years. He was adopted by a couple who were later hacked to death. He was jailed then tried and found not guilty. But the town dubbed him a murderer. Sadie Harris is an almost divorcée with a young child. Her soon to be ex-husband is a police officer who does not want to allow the final divorce to go though. For year she has been psychologically abuse. Dawson is looking for a housekeeper to get the house ready to bring his sister home. He hires Sadie. Then their troubles begin. You will love this story. I volunteered to read this eBook. Thanks to the author for the opportunity. My opinion is my own.

    By Lynn B888
    Another emotional journey into Brenda Novak’s latest fictional town, Silver Springs! Two disinheartened souls feel alone in the world as they fight the uphill battle to reclaim their lives. One through divorce and moving on from abuse and another through trying to pick up the pieces after he’s finally free from prison and home again .. but without the family he loved dearly. The characters are well defined with turmoil fueling their actions for much of the book. I am enjoying Silver Springs very much and look forward to the my next visit! Sadie Harris’ divorce is almost complete and she just wants to move forward with her life with her young son. She isn’t looking for much … just a job that will allow her to keep their head above water and will sustain her full custody claim if he ex goes through with his threat to sue for custody. Her shifts at the diner just aren’t enough to make ends meet anymore. She is leery of answering the help wanted ad .. but what else can she do? She needs the money that this job will give her! Dawson Reed is back home in Silver Springs and trying to pick up the smashed pieces of his so-called life. Yes, he finally got justice and was acquitted in his adoptive parents murders .. but the town still believes he did it, and are very clear in how unwelcome he is. He needs help … he has to get a caregiver in place so he can bring his dependent sister home again. When Sadie answers his ad and he sees her work ethic first-hand, he realizes he lucked into a great employee. He just hopes the things working against them will ease up so she’ll want to stay to do the job! As Sadie comes to know Dawson, she realizes he’s a really kind man .. and she doesn’t believe for a second that he butchered his parents .. but believe it and proving it are two totally different things. No matter how many people she tells that he’s a good man, no one is going to believe it until they find who really did commit the murders. And how can they concentrate on doing that when Sadie’s ex keeps piling more trouble on their backs?
  • Silver Springs just keeps getting better

    By KPMe1
    The first book in the series was fantastic, didn't think it could get much better because I assumed the follow up was going to follow along in the same vein but boy was I wrong! We are still in Silver Springs but with a new cast of characters. Some of the previous characters have very minor roles which connects it but I would truly consider this as a stand along possibility. Now, all that being said....WOW!!!! Loved it!!!! I love that this one included the suspense, the story was just amazing and kept you glued to the book the entire time. Sadie and Dawson are such fantastic characters that you can't help but get drawn in. The story is at times hard to read, the abuse that is covered is something that is unfortunately very real and was handled with grace and honesty. That these two damaged characters can allow themselves to trust, find love and move forward with the lives that they want is the heart of this story.
  • Wow!!

    By SBart79
    I was so excited to return to Silver Springs, and this story hit the jackpot! Romantic suspense at it's best. Dawson was accused of killing his parents, but was found innocent. He has now returned to Silver Springs to get the house ready for his mentally disabled sister. He has hired Sadie to be the caretaker of his sister. Sadie has left unhappy marriage to a local police officer. Most people find Dawson and Sadie as a dysfunctional couple but what they truly have is an awesome loving relationship. Sadie's soon to be ex husband is crazy and very controlling. If he can't have Sadie, no one will! Dawson only wants what is best for his sister and to find out who really killed his parents. This book grabbed me from the first page and did not let me go until the end. Great characters, loved the tenderness of Dawson that he showed Sadie. Great suspense, I just couldn't wait Sly to get what he deserved! One of my favorite lines, "Love is always the risk". This is the second book in the series, but can be read as a stand alone.
  • Moving On Obstacles

    By Marge_Roberts
    When Sly, an angry, powerful, and controlling police officer goes after his soon-to-be ex-wife, Sadie, the situation is frightening, to say the least. They have a vulnerable five-year-old son, Jayden, who in a position to receive any backlash from Sly’s vindictive behavior. Sly refuses to move on and will do anything to get Sadie back. His jealously over Sadie’s new employer, Dawson, who was found innocent of murdering his parents, creates a rage that builds and becomes practically impossible to control. This second book in the Silver Spring series is intense. I was on the edge of my seat waiting for someone to be on Sadie and Dawson’s side. The characters were realistic and the action never ending. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one in this well-written, poignant series.
  • Loved it!!!

    By Cheryl SDS
    And the hits just keep coming! This is another fabulous story in the Silver Springs series and it features Sadie Harris and Dawson Reed. Their attraction seemed like it grew over a period of time but in reality it was only about a week or so. The one person that didn't like Sadie working for Dawson was her soon to be ex-husband, Sly, a police officer in Silver Springs. In everybody's eyes, except Sadie and a few others, Dawson was a murderer, even though he was found innocent by court of law. I can't imagine what he went through losing his parents and spending over a year in jail awaiting trial for their murder, being found innocent but still guilty in the eyes of most of the people in town. TRAGIC! This is a crazy good story and I can't wait for the next one.
  • OK read

    By bh313@hotmail
    Being such a big fan of Brenda Novak's it pains me to give one of her books such a low rating. I really think this one didn't work for me mostly because of the issues addressed. The writing as expected was stellar, the characters well developed, and the story moved along nicely. What I didn't like was the abusive ex husband Sadie has to deal with. I wanted her to stand up to him so she really frustrated me. Dawson was just as frustrating to me. Why did he want to stay in a small-minded town that hated him so much? Being frustrated with the two main characters just made me angry rather than the relaxing escape I usually find while reading.
  • Loved the suspense in this book!

    By tsmb02(Sue G.)
    Sadie Harris is struggling to make it on her own after she served her husband Sly divorce papers but she has had enough of the way he treats their 5 year old son, Jayden. Unfortunately, Sly is a cop in their small town of Silver Springs and he has blocked every attempt she has made at trying to better herself. With no other choice, Sadie decides to answer a newspaper ad placed by Dawson Reed. Dawson needs someone to help take care of his mentally challenged sister, Angela. Dawson also was just recently released from jail. He was charged with the brutal murder of his adoptive parents, but was ultimately found not guilty. Of course, most people in town still think he really is guilty. Sadie quickly realizes that Dawson is not at all what she expected him to be. He is actually very nice, sweet and caring. Dawson needs Sadie's help so he can bring his sister home from facility she has been in for the past year and Sadie is grateful for the job. Of course, Sly tries to stop her from working there. Sly always likes to have total control over Sadie and he is having a hard time dealing with the fact that she wants a divorce. Dawson quickly comes to Sadie's defense which irritates Sly even more. Between the town treating Dawson poorly and Sly trying to make life miserable for Sadie, they bond quickly as "the outsiders" of the town. Dawson and Sadie quickly form a great relationship. They both are attracted to each other, but neither one of them will act on it. Just when their lives are starting to move forward, disaster happens and Dawson and Sadie rely on each other more for emotional support. I loved how these two got together over similar problems and ended up helping each other and ultimately finding love in the process. I really enjoyed the suspenseful part of this really kept me reading to see what was going to happen next. I also really enjoyed the part of the story about who really killed Dawson's adoptive was a great tie-in! Overall another really great story in the Silver Springs series by Brenda Novak.

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