Anti-Necromancer: Demon Opponent - R. Richard

Anti-Necromancer: Demon Opponent

By R. Richard

  • Release Date - Published: 2016-10-10
  • Book Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Author: R. Richard
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Anti-Necromancer: Demon Opponent R. Richard read online review & book description:

I can detect the sounds of something large and heavy crashing through the underbrush. I probe with my feet, until I find what I hoped would be there. I then position myself.
The demon crashes into the area where I stand.
I swing Glyr and Glyr slices through the thick, tough skin of the demon's leg. The wound is not all that long or deep. but it will slow the beast a little.
The demon slashes at me with its claws. I can feel the air as the enormous strength of the demon's arm propel the claws just past me. (The leg wound that Glyr inflicted on the demon may have inhibited the swipe of the claws.)
I then shift position, apparently preparing to meet the demon's strength with the slashing blade of Glyr.
The demon lurches forward until its foot catches on the rock ridge that I earlier found. The demon then trips and crashes to the ground.
I move in and again slash the demon's hide, with Glyr. I feel the enormous strength of the demon's arm crash into me and knock me back a few feet. I'm stunned and I stagger to try to maintain my balance. I feel Glyr feed me some of the strength that Glyr must have obtained from the wounds that Glyr inflicted on the demon.
The demon rolls back onto its feet and roars its rage.
I'm in no condition to fight the demon, so I withdraw. across the treacherous footing of the tangle wood brush. Speed is not my friend. I must not trip and fall, to die under the slashing claws of the demon. I slide. rather than step, making sure that I have good footing, before putting my weight on my moving foot.
The demon tries to run after me, but the demon is impeded by the underbrush and the demon quickly adopts a slower, gliding stride.
I glide across the underbrush and the demon does the same. After some time, I have gained a bit, on the far heavier demon. I then come to one of the small. crescent beaches along the shore of the island. I find that the sand of the beach is very wet and won't support a lot of weight. I sort of glide across the sand, putting as little weight on the surface as I can manage. I get to the far edge of the beach and I find a ledge of maybe six feet in height. I grab a sturdy looking branch and haul myself up the ledge.
From the top of the ledge, I look back and see the demon just entering the little crescent beach. I hope that the demon will sink into the sand, however, no such luck.
The demon does sink into the sand, up to maybe mid-calf. However, the demon trudges on, still after me.
I develop a clever plan. The demon will come to the ledge, use the same sturdy looking branch and haul itself up the ledge. I will simply wait, at the top of the ledge, and use Glyr to decapitate the demon, as the demon attempts to gain the top of the ledge.
I use Glyr to partially sever the sturdy looking branch and then wait for the demon to fall into my clever trap.
The demon trudges across the sand and then charges at the ledge.
I had hoped that the demon would pull itself up, head first, and then I would use Glyr.
The demon charges against the ledge and then swings his powerful arm in a killing sweep across the area on the top of the ledge.
I had figured that the demon might use its height to peek over the top of the ledge. Thus I hid myself in a sort of depression that I had stomped into the vegetation on the top of the ledge. The demon's killing sweep passed over me, oh, by at least a millimeter,
The demon then grabs the sturdy looking branch to use to vault onto the top of the ledge. The partially severed branch then parts, dropping the demon back onto the sand.
I use the demon's fall to roll out of the depression where I hid myself and I begin to glide away.
The demon, judging by the roaring, gains the top of the ledge and continues to pursue me.
I have to keep the demon under observation and I'm doing that, I would have preferred that the observation didn't involve the demon chasing me, but that's the kind of thing that many of my assignments seem to involve.

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